Friday, September 6, 2013

Some Minds

Open to knowledge
Wanting to understand life
Freedom gained in thought


  1. Freedom is gained in thought. It frees one from the bonds of Religious Tyranny, which is a false thought system based on the Evolution of Humankind from Sub Saharan Africa, to the Rift Valley as humanity worked its way around the world and differences evolved in us.
    As societies grew law grew, and the mysticism from Religion came from the deep yearning to understand life, the fear of all those major volcanoes in the Rift Valley and the moon, stars and sun, with planets observed to be moving differently seen in a dark world by the naked eye.
    The answer to peace is understanding our history, to delve into astronomy, understanding the universe we are swimming around in, at speeds we can not comprehend, and as we look at the amazing discoveries in this Universe we think. That is Freedom gathered in thought.
    We decrease our reliance on religious mysticism. See the Iron and Bronze age writings as nothing more than old time superstitions and fantastical stories to offer to that age a hope that the pain they were living with, the average age of death about 30, deaths most likely coming from a common tooth infection.
    They needed religion because they had no other way to explain things. But we now have a way to explain things. We know more about 10,000 years ago than the people that lived 3,000 years ago knew about the people that lived 10,000 years ago.
    Knowledge, thinking, understanding, education and a following of absolute facts, of truths of science, astronomy, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, archeology, geology, life science and evolutionary science, DNA understandings, and Genetic understanding that shows us how we evolved, how old our earth is, and can give us a sense of peace, because when it all boils down to one thing, the only thing that makes sense in all of this is love.
    Love is the answer. We, as humans, need to all love each other, regardless of lines drawn as borders of countries, causing some poor and some rich, Love brings us empathy and compassion to our fellow human beings taking this short ride spinning and traveling in this universe in a spiral solar system with approximately 1 trillion planets and 200,000 billion suns.
    When we understand that we are just a small little pale blue dot in between two spiral arms in the outside of a galaxy, that is larger than we can comprehend, we can understand what true spirituality is.
    For true spirituality understands that we are just human, and we are just a bleep on the screen of the Universe and not very important, but in that knowing about our lack of importance to the Universe we can show love for our fellow human beings that are actually experiencing this juxtaposition called life, and to show all people empathy, compassion and true love.
    For, in the end, when we are laying on our death bed, the only thing left, as out atoms are about to be disbursed throughout the universe, like from whence they came from to join together to create you, the only thing left on that death bed in your last breaths will be love. And religion will be the furthest thing from your mind. And you will know that all the love you experienced made the ride spinning and flying like a crazy lunatic through space, was all worth while, because of LOVE!