Saturday, April 27, 2013

I've Got Better Things To Do
When we look at the animal kingdom or plant life, none of it worships anything. The driving force for them is simply to exist, they only desire to stay alive and ensure the next generation.  That would be ours as well, but the difference is that we as humans also have the ability to create a life that we enjoy while we are staying alive and procreating.

So do plants and animals think they have a creator? No, they don't think anything, they are only driven by instincts.

That then begs the question - why would some of us here think we humans should believe there is a creator worthy of being worshiped? Easy bullet point answers immediately come to mind - indoctrinated as children, social structures bringing them into a feeling of community, not wanting to feel out of place or odd man out in the crowd, experience of trauma and saved by a religious community... just to name the obvious. These situations can all lead to feelings of compliance and one of let's 'follow the leader' just because of the individual experiences the people had. This is the set up for worshiping someone or something. Because who wants to stray from the one thing or person that gave them comfort or continual care during their time of need? Throw in a little fear of what will happen if they are not compliant and there is the recipe for ownership by a creator. It is all about emotions during the experiences that are thrust on them. From this it is hard to escape when those involved want to so desperately to fit in and maintain that level of comfort they've come to rely on.

When we look at things realistically and without the influence of religion, we are all just part of the natural process of life. Every time an egg and a sperm get together fertilization ensues in about 70% of couplings and voila! potential humans are created and brought to term. Once that whole process is complete and life outside the womb begins, our individual goal is ultimately to just have the best possible life; our comfort level and our quality of life being of utmost importance until the very end.

Choosing to believe in a creator that needs worshiping does not mean that all humans turn out the same way or have predictable and easy lives. Those controlling the people would like that to be the case, but even with the restrictions and guidelines for godliness in place, there are deviations from the plan... frequently. Of course there would be because every life experience is different, each encounter with other human beings and situations influences decisions made and creates many potential outcomes. Religion can't control everything, it would like to think it can but it can't.

But imagine what a different world we would live in if what we produced weren't just mindless robots programmed to function according to someone else's idea of what a full life should be. We'd be raising potential adults that are taught to let life be a teacher with many lessons, allowing those experiences to fully engage them, and letting them learn and absorb those experiences in awe and wonder. Allowing them to consistently question everything for themselves rather than just shutting down their minds from understanding the world around them.... oh what a world it would be! Teaching our spawn to be self-reliant, ever questioning and in control of their own destiny... yes, that would result in a much different dynamic. I predict we'd live in a world with a whole lot less fear and more of a sense of adventure and wonder at what is just around the corner.

Further, we would not automatically think we needed someone or something to worship because we would depend on ourselves and our knowledge to propel us forward. Fully participating in our own life would keep us on our toes and reliant on ourselves at all times. We would, in essence, be the ones we'd look to for comfort and reassurance. We are connected to this world and most importantly, we'd feel acceptance and belonging because of the shared experience. There would be no need to look outside ourselves for something to make us feel whole. Worshiping something or someone wouldn't be necessary, nor would we have time for it as our lives would be full of following our dreams and desires. Who would want to spin their wheels glorifying someone or something else when the things you do for yourself give you the satisfaction to engage even further and deeper into the experiences of your own life? Who needs a god when what you possess yourself instinctively and determinedly can take you places that only requires that you are engaged?

Frankly spoken, what a waste of your time to devote it to the worshiping of another. You should be inspired by those who possess skills you don't have, learn things from others who have insights to share, even admire others for talents you wish you had, but to idolize or worship someone just because they are allegedly greater than you... NO! Every person has value and every one's value is different, worshiping someone else is negating the value that you yourself have. That is just stupid and in my opinion, it is just wrong to ever let someone feel like that.

Personally, I'd rather vomit than worship anyone, specifically a man-made god created solely for the purpose of controlling others. Do yourself a favor, go do something meaningful or fulfilling with your life... do anything that doesn't require giving up on what you have to offer or what you want to bring to this world. Your value sky rockets when you give yourself permission to believe in yourself.

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