Thursday, January 17, 2013

No Swearing on the Bible

Today, Dean Obeidallah, had an opinion piece on He nailed it.

As I'm reading it, all I kept saying was "Exactly!" To me, those who chose to be sworn in on a bible are saying they can't do the job without their god. Well, that or they don't want to offend the religious base. That is probably the more likely reasoning for choosing to swear on the bible rather than the constitution.

IMO, if you aren't able to lead this country (the one that DOES NOT exist on the supernatural plane but ACTUALLY exists) without the help of a god... why are you even pretending that you can lead it at all? AND then pulling a paycheck for it?

Being an elected official, representing your constituents is supposed to mean that you alone are qualified for the position. Isn't that why you run on policies, positions and proposals for change? YOU are going to make a difference, YOU will make things happen, YOU will LEAD... NOT A GOD!

There... I'm done now.

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