Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Difference

Anti-Theists. Pro Active Atheists. Opposing Religious Harm.
I was recently told that I was mean because of all the 'religious stuff you post on your Facebook page'. The simple resolution is to turn off notifications and I pointed that out. She felt the need to make me understand where she was coming from. Ok, I can. I was even the one who gave directions on how to turn off my posts since they were so vile (impression I got from our conversation, not explicitly said that way). Do I agree with the assessment of my character and the attack of the content of my posts? No.

All I think I do is point out the things that don't make sense, are illogical and are down right incorrect. If the information is accurate, how is that being mean? It's me being factual and if people think that I'm being mean (the one pointing it that out to me and the people who are reading my stuff and are getting upset), then I would think the problem actually resides with their understanding of me. But I think it goes deeper than that. They obviously don't know what my intentions are, and they seem to have their own issues with the subject matter.

If someone is educating with the intention of opening eyes that were closed before, that isn't mean; it's trying to be helpful.  Could it be they are uncomfortable because they aren't sure of their own feelings, but yet they project their insecurities and blame onto me? I wish them resolution, if that's the case. I'm personally tired of taking the heat for their lack of personal insight, ignorance or their immaturity.

Now watch, I'll get chastised (or the cold shoulder) for defining their behavior as I see it, as if that is my fault, too. Me pointing out what I'm perceiving seems threatening to their ego because it challenges them to be honest and really examine their own thought process.

The only person I can take responsibility for is me. I know what I say, why I say it and how I say it. If the person on the receiving end decides to interpret things differently without going to the source first, then all they are doing is judging me without first hand knowledge. That is wrong and inaccurate; just saying. Whatever emotional issues come up from it, you need to figure out why it does, but please don't make me your scapegoat. I get enough of that shit just living as a unique individual in Kansas.

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