Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free Mind

"Atheism: A choice made by free will 
and a sound mind = A free mind" - Susi Bocks
I've never regretted identifying as an atheist. I feel fortunate to belong to this small percentage of people who have also made this choice. Atheists look forward to the day when having a free mind is the 'norm'. It's probably not likely in our lifetime, but I'll try to remain optimistic as our current youth seems to be smarter than previous generations.


  1. No worries, Susi! Atheists' numbers are rising even faster than the global climate temp! Hopefully when Newt Gingrich builds his moon colony, we can kick the (R)-tards out and make the earth cool to live on again. :)

    - Candi

  2. Better atheists than false christians. Atheists are atleast honest enough to come out boldly and admit they'll have none of King Jesus, nor be under His rule.

  3. i would only agree to the point that all atheists who identify that way are honest to themselves. remember there are still many who are closeted because of their current life situation. i hope that continues to change where they feel safer to be out in this predominantly christian society.