Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Fallacy of Labels

I'm a human being who is....

  • a German by ancestry.
  • an American by passport.
  • an Atheist because of logic and reasoning skills.
  • a Liberal based on the actual definition, not what Conservatives make it out to be.
  • a part of a Community and always tries to add value.
  • a Mother to two wonderful boys because I had the choice and fully accept my responsibility to be one.
  • a Daughter because I had no choice in the matter, but glad I'm here.
  • a Sister having had no choice in this either, but wouldn't want it any other way.
  • a Wife due to my best friend also being someone I want to share everything with.
  • a Friend to those who know how to be one.
  • a Colleague in the work world who knows how to give 100%.
  • an Adult because of my chronological age and how I act out in the world.
  • a Sexual Being, but whose Sexual Preference is her business and irrelevant to the conversation.

My labels and my definitions work for me and me alone. The next human being you meet who tells you their label, remember that their description will be different. And please don't judge them by their labels, but be aware of their intentions and their actions. That will tell you who they really are.

Being human is what we all have in common and my hope is that, one day, all human beings will value that feature first and foremost. When we do, acceptance comes naturally and when we have that, everyone's definition of themselves will have a likelihood of being a positive one that, in turn, will impact the rest of us in a good way.

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