Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To Hitch

Seeing just a sampling of those Hitch has inspired in his lifetime and being a witness to his public struggles with this disease makes me ache with compassion for him. Death, although escaping it not being an option, the shock of knowing it will happen to someone who has influenced so many, still touches a place deep within and brings forth tears that flow freely with that thought.

Here's my 'Raise Your Glass' homage to Hitch...

It is inevitable that we must all die and I can accept that. Yours may come sooner than you certainly have thought and something, I hadn’t expected to happen for a long time. Here’s hoping that it is later rather than sooner and that your suffering will not be more than you have already had to endure.

I’m sure that I will not be saying anything new or something you haven’t heard before but, before you go, I wanted you to know how deeply your thoughts have touched me and how well you articulated the words that have inspired me. Reading them in your books, hearing them in your speeches, debates and interviews connected to my own thoughts on a very deep level. These things have helped me to remain firm in my resolve to openly speak out with confidence and passion, as I have been witness to seeing you do many times. Being on the receiving end of all you have shared has been a positive experience for me and for that I thank you. You have had a powerful influence on my life and helped to guide it with great honesty.

Even when you are no longer with us, you will continue to help shape the minds of those who will, in turn, give voice to the next in line. For that, I thank you, too.

I’m not part of your inner circle, I know, but I hope these words can still convey the depth of my compassion and gratitude I have always had and that it can give some comfort during this more than crappy time in your life.

As always, my wish and hope for you is that the end to your life will be a far away event, but if that is not to be, then I just wanted to let you know just how immensely impactful you have been to me.

Thank you for being you and sharing the best of you with me, with us.

To you, Hitch. Take care, much love... always.

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