Friday, March 25, 2011

Interesting Today Begins TODAY!! 3/25/2011

Being a full-time homebody has left me with lots of time on my hands and given me the opportunity to thoroughly read to my hearts content. That has also created an incessant need to share, with all my Facebook friends, some of the interesting things I've run across. Some of you have enjoyed this endless stream of information, while others have cringed and wrestled with the thought of hiding my notifications. And some of you actually did! 

I have rethought the whole idea of my Facebook page and decided that my blog might be a better place for the social commentary, news and interesting happenings around the world. Not to say that I will not continue to contribute to my page, but it will have a decidedly different flavor to it. Keeping in touch with my friends and their lives, as well as, sharing of mine, is the goal now.
At the end of each day, I will post my blog "Interesting Today" to my Facebook page. If you feel so inclined, please consider reading it and all the cool, controversial, disturbing, funny, etc. things I happen to run into during the day. The decision is now in your hands!

If you absolutely can't live without my finds, become a follower. That way you won't miss a single edition and you'll be the first to know whenever I go on a rant.  :)

Enjoy today's installment.......

Vermont house passes single payer healthcare bill  Wow! didn't think that would happen!

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  1. i over-share too... and i've been thinking of doing this -- but -- i figure my FB friends can turn off my notifications and most probably already have :)