Saturday, February 12, 2011


I wrote this a long time ago, but it's worth sharing. What are yours?


1) If you tell somebody you are going to do something for them or that you can be counted on to follow through on something, then DO IT! It speaks volumes of you as a person that I can depend on you.

2) Smile when I smile at you, it does us both good and when you’re having a bad day, know that my smile means I care about you and it’s meant to lift you up.

3) I appreciate honesty, above all else…. no matter what you have to say. If you are honest, there are no problems, only ways to make our relationship better than it already is.

4) Recognize that every individual on this planet is a human being, including yourself and deserves respect just for that fact alone, regardless of their race, religion, color, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, political beliefs or country they live in. Maybe then we could look forward to some of that World Peace that beauty contest participants always wish for during the interview segment.

5) If you can help somebody when they need it… DO IT! Giving to someone in his or her hour of need is the best gift you can give… anytime.

6) Read, learn, listen… take every opportunity to educate yourself about the world you live in. You are a human being who lives on this planet and in this society. Your understanding of how it works and runs contributes to it running better, for all of us.

7) I care about you…. make choices in your life that benefit you, not hurt you. ALL of us deserve a good life. *added today - But if you continually make choices that don't benefit you or you refuse to learn from your choices, my compassion for you dwindles, as well as, my willingness to help when you ask for it. I know that sounds harsh, but I'm getting too old to be a babysitter to irresponsibility.

8) If you make a mistake or have done something wrong that causes hurt, big or small, take ownership of it and say I’m Sorry. Forgiveness feels good for both of us.

9) And lastly, if you catch me not working diligently working on 1 – 8 …. Call me on it, that’s what real friends do!

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